Managed Data Services

The Power to Analyze Everything.

RFA’s global Managed Data Services combines the strength of the cloud with the security of & compliance of institutional banking. Optimize operational costs and cost-effectively process change through using our managed data services.

Improve Data Quality and Increase Operational Scalability

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Rethink Data

Data Warehouse

Unlimited compute, scale without limits.

At the heart of the platform is the Snowflake Data Warehouse engine, the on-demand scaling SaaS solution is runs on any cloud provider; AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. The virtual warehouse approach allows you to scale compute vertically or horizontally while keeping a single source of truth. Our managed services combine industry leading data warehousing technology with RFA’s best in class security standards and technology deployments.

Data Infrastructure

Engineered for always on powerful performance.

We utilize the leading cloud management tools and database performance monitors to provide real time monitoring through our 24/7 Network Operations Center. In the event of an emergency, RFA’s Disaster Recovery capabilities protect the SaaS Warehouse allowing for a seamless failover to a different cloud region or even a different cloud provider to always guarantee SLA.

Data Governance

Security and compliance every step of the way.

Designed from the ground up to meet the standards of investors and government regulation. Integrated with RFA’s own Artificially Intelligent Security Information and Event Management (AI SIEM) to provide around the clock security monitoring – so you can rest easy, while your data is hard at work.

Data Ingestion

Flexible and Reliable.

Data warehouses need reliable data feeds to provide value. RFA monitors and maintains our clients growing number of integrations across any range of sources, including OMS/EMS/PMS, data providers, SaaS tools, databases and ETL tools. Our monitoring platform tracks data flow to your data warehouse, ensuring accuracies before the market opens.

Data Analytics

Blaze through reporting.

Capturing and analyzing the right data analytics for your business provides a significant edge on the competition. However, when the data in those tools is outdated or broken, it limits the ability for the business to make effective decisions. RFA’s managed data analytics monitors and updates these data sets across the most popular BI tools from PowerBI to Tableau.

Empower your firm with access to any data with infinite scalability.

Make timely, data-driven business decisions

Get secure and governed access to all accessible data

Create and manage all of your data workloads on one platform

Powered by Snowflake

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