Who We Are

Since its foundation in 1989, RFA has evolved into an institutional-quality IT, financial cloud and cyber-security services provider to the investment management sector. We take pride in redefining the future of technological support. Through our R&D, DevOps, automation and machine-learning capabilities, RFA provides clients with customized workflow and IT strategies to bring tomorrow’s edge, today. Serving over 800 clients across seven global locations, RFA brings together a seasoned executive team and over 200 highly skilled consultant technicians to provide clients with best-in-class technology solutions and automated business processes, supported by expert staff 24/7/365.

800+ Clients Globally

$1+ Trillion

30 Years in Service


Full Suite of Technology Solutions

RFA offers a complete range of technology solutions designed to be scalable, secure, and reliable, allowing our clients to focus on their core businesses. Over 800 hedge funds, private equity funds, fund of funds, private wealth management and investment management firms rely on RFA to provide enterprise-grade technology and support to keep their businesses running smoothly.

RFA creates flexible, bespoke contracts tailored to each client. We offer transparent, unbundled packages of IT services in a fully integrated process.
RFA is service-provider agnostic. We have proven experience of blending public cloud, private RFA cloud and client-owned IT infrastructure to provide the best outcomes for the alternative finance sector.
With each client, RFA evaluates the business model and how the client works. We bring in the right people with consulting expertise to develop a strategy of IT collaboration.

Redefining technological support every day

Let our experienced team discuss your organization’s requirements, review your current IT setup, and provide tailored guidance on the right course for you.

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