Hedge Fund

Fresh public private cloud combinations

Scalable emerging manager offering with enhanced cyber security, compliance and DevOps services underpinned by a 24/7/365 help desk attuned to the needs of global hedge fund managers

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Cloud Services

  • Mature technology platform meeting institutional investors’ Operational Due Diligence and Technology Due Diligence requirements
  • Innovative public-private cloud combinations purpose-built for the needs of your business
  • Scalable emerging manager offering, tailored capabilities around launch, pre-investor/pre-registration phases, onboarding and more
  • Customized compliance aligned with regulatory requirements and monitored for configuration deviation
  • Fully resilient solutions
  • Offsite cloud data integrity with immutable backup integrations

IT Service Management

  • 24/7/365 help desk attuned to the needs of global hedge funds
  • Expertly trained in-house financial services specialists
  • Continual monitoring and automated maintenance of technology assets with patching attestation reporting
  • Transparent reporting: ticketing and service levels, data and technology assets

Managed Cyber Security and Compliance

  • SEC and FCA cyber security readiness audit and target recommendations
  • Information security policy and procedure consultation
  • Handle IT compliance for investor Due Diligence Questionnaires
  • Integrated security framework with bespoke modular enhancements
  • RFA Compliance Portal; manages multiple compliance processes and reporting requirements for investors and regulators
  • Vulnerability and threat detection; phishing testing and user training
  • 24/7/365 managed detection and response service powered by RFA’s dedicated SOC
  • Defined security perimeters and verification

Development Services

  • Business robotics to automate vertical and horizontal workflows, such as compliant employee on/offboarding
  • Integration with external accounting services – trade reconciliation
  • Implement research management solution for analysts
  • Data warehousing stock information supporting business intelligence
  • DevOps services supporting efficient and continuous Quantamental model refinement

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