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RFA is a unique IT, financial cloud and cyber-security provider to the financial services and alternative investment sectors, redefining the future of technological support. Our goal is to identify and achieve the best outcome for each client.

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What we offer

RFA Financial Cloud

The RFA Financial Cloud platform provides on-demand, secure hosted infrastructure. It is a dedicated, virtual Infrastructure-as-a-Solution (IaaS) offering that helps private equity and hedge funds, allocators, wealth managers and others move all applications and data from on-site servers to a fully-hosted facility. The RFA Financial Cloud helps clients efficiently transition infrastructure spending from large capital investments to a more cost effective and predictable operating expense-focused model.

Managed Public Cloud

Public cloud services have evolved and are now seen as a viable option for running core business applications. RFA is a leader in the field of public cloud servicers and offers clients a managed public cloud approach which begins with a readiness assessment and set of workload evaluations. Our architecture team then design a solution followed by migration planning and execution. By utilizing public cloud services, clients can speed up processes across every department, freeing up time for critical strategic business planning.

Managed Hybrid Cloud

RFA has extensive experience blending public cloud together with the RFA Financial Cloud platform and client-owned IT infrastructure to get the best outcome. RFA focuses on what is going to improve a client’s data operations and work flows, plus add to their business strategy. High levels of investment by the leading public cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure and others – are driving innovation and the benefits to business are considerable and growing but having a key partner who understands about wrapping the public cloud services with a secure layer to ensure seamless integration, compliance and security is vital.

Network Connectivity

RFA delivers software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) connectivity to customers as a managed service using software orchestration. SD-WAN boosts efficiency by replacing traditional WAN routers and allowing load sharing of traffic across multiple WAN connections. RFA gives clients a comprehensive evaluation of the connectivity options that are available at a reasonable cost to help set the right course for years to come.

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