Managed Cyber Security and Compliance / Managed IT Compliance Services

Managed IT Compliance Services

RFA’s cybersecurity governance and risk assessment processes provide a foundation for effective technology solutions that protect financial services businesses and facilitate compliance.

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What we offer

Regulatory Readiness Assessment

RFA helps clients get ready for assessments from regulators, such as the SEC and FCA, by providing cyber security readiness audits and targeted recommendations.

Compliance Framework Platform and Support

Through the RFA Compliance Portal, clients can manage multiple compliance processes and reporting requirements for investors and regulators.

Audit and Due Diligence Support

RFA provides audit and due diligence support in addition to compliance archiving and monitoring (including for Bloomberg Messenger). RFA assists firms with investor DDQs and audit requirements, making sure they are meeting the highest standards demanded by institutional investors and regulators.

User Training and Phishing Testing

RFA’s team of experts provide businesses with training in how to detect threats and implementing security best practices. RFA offers regular phishing testing to make sure clients’ staff are adept at identifying potential threats and remain vigilant at all times.

Vendor Risk Monitoring

Businesses can expose themselves to cyber risk by using unsophisticated vendors. RFA provides vendor analysis and supply chain oversight to make sure clients are aware of the risks and are protected, regardless of who they chose to do business with.

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