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RFA leads the way with secure, resilient, well-managed co-location data center facilities in six locations where hardware, space and bandwidth are available to clients. We connect with a variety of telecoms and network service providers, cost-effectively, rapidly and simply. Our model is flexible and scalable.

Hosted and Managed Disaster Recovery

RFA’s dedicated disaster recovery teams support a client’s operations through any interruption or crisis at any time. During our 30 years in operation, we have developed substantial resources to deliver outstanding disaster recovery systems and guarantee our clients successful failovers and failbacks. RFA is the only technology services provider for the alternative fund and wealth management industry that has designed and operates a private data centre.

Business Continuity and Hot Site Services

We have designed business continuity and hot site services to ensure that critical business processes can continue during a time of emergency or disaster. This is a proven resource in the event that a client’s business is not able to operate under normal conditions. We help clients plan for potential threats and devise business continuity strategies, including personnel coordination and tailored documentation. RFA’s hot site offices in the US offer a host of amenities, such as meeting rooms, gym facilities, ample parking and a choice of cafeterias.

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