Technology advancement continues at pace

11 Mar 2022

Technology advancement continues at pace

By George Ralph

The uptick in pace of technology advancements over the past 24 months has been extreme when compared to previous technology implementation and engagement. Some of this can be explained by the worldwide health crisis, but it is also the nature of the advancements themselves. For example, when considered against previous accomplishments, massive technology implementation like the roll out of 5G, edge computing or Industry 4.0 are part of a global cross industry drive towards greater digitisation.

RFA are early adopters of new technology and invest a lot into R&D, and we work with our global clients daily to ensure that their network architecture, cloud, data and security strategies are delivering on day to day deal flow, data reporting and investor and regulatory requirements essential for every manager. As we continue in a hybrid working environment, network security remains a high priority focus. We now see zero trust networks becoming standard, with improved corporate cyber security as regulatory requirements become more stringent. Endpoint security is moving toward a mobile device and biometric solution to compensate for the increase in remote working attacks. Where we see ransomware professionalising and cyberattack-as-a-service taking hold, we must remain vigilant of our overarching business IT including supply chain, cloud and SaaS platforms.

SaaS development is becoming more dependent on open-source code packages. They deliver greater business agility and innovation at a decreased cost. However higher productivity and faster transformation brings security challenges that should not be ignored. Open source code can be vulnerable to attack and off the shelf API’s should also be compliance checked for security. Our addition of Application Lifecycle Management into our data management suite of services provides code security by applying a new principal of DevSecOps (Development Security Operations). Several instances of theft at funds has been caused by code being manipulated by hackers to reroute funds. Data oversight is imperative to mitigate risk of attack.

A long time coming to fruition, the active roll out of 5G networks will bring massive benefits to the global alternative investment community. Faster speeds and access to business applications, data and communications will create a business forward environment but the significant increase in wireless devices being connected to the network will increase surface area for vulnerability and attack. Speed also means that the time available to recognise and contain a network intrusion is significantly reduced, meaning supply chains can be increasingly vulnerable.

The adoption of AI and ML in terms of business decision making, meaning access to and understanding data analytics, is increasing. This can improve the quality of decision making and in terms of security provide 24/7 monitoring and reporting for any manager. A greater number of traditional managers are actively considering crypto as part of their overarching investment strategy, citing a new business opportunity and increased competitive advantage. This can mean developing additional cyber strategies, putting greater emphasis on corporate and personal digital identity protection and fraud prevention; all areas supported by the greater adoption of AI and ML.

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