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11 Feb 2016

RFA and Vera Partner to Help Financial Firms Navigate SEC Compliance Requirements

RFA and Vera Partner to Help Financial Firms Navigate SEC Compliance Requirements

Today on the RFA Blog, learn more about our new partnership with Vera.

We are excited to announce that we are now partnering with Vera to offer a powerful, flexible data security platform to our hedge fund and asset management customers. Vera delivers a first-of-its-kind zero-touch, zero-friction data protection and encryption solution that secures and tracks any digital information across all users, devices, applications and platforms in real-time. Vera’s modern IRM tools can secure and track files, wherever they travel, online or off. By combining Vera’s innovative data security platform with our industry expertise, we will be able to provide our clients with seamless data security that follows financial data wherever it travels – allowing firms to effectively manage access control and prevent data loss globally, whether files are on-premises, sent in email, or shared in the cloud.

Through this partnership, we are enhancing our existing Information Rights Program, which already provides advanced data governance, user training, and testing capabilities to financial firms in the US and abroad. By adding encryption, access control, and Vera’s tools to prevent data loss to this sophisticated portfolio, we’re helping funds of all sizes comply with the complex regulatory oversight put in place by the SEC.

Security is a top priority for the SEC, and its Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations recently announced it will crack down on investment firms with relaxed data security controls in 2016; in January the SEC reaffirmed their commitment to their cybersecurity examination priorities. Specifically, the SEC is looking for increased investment in data access controls, encryption, data loss prevention, and incident response. Together, RFA and Vera will provide the only Modern IRM platform for the asset management community, making us uniquely positioned to help firms manage the SEC and FINRA’s strict compliance and cybersecurity policies.

We’d love to show you more about the potential of this partnership. We’re hosting a joint webinar featuring our own CTO, Grigoriy Milis, and Grant Shirk, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Vera, on February 24th. Register today to learn how to stay on top of SEC security requirements, secure your confidential information and lock down files with a single click, even after pressing “send.”

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