Protecting Family Offices In Remote Working Age

09 Oct 2020

Protecting Family Offices In Remote Working Age

John Manganiello, head of business development sat down with WealthBriefing to discuss what steps should family offices take to protect cybersecurity at a time when family and non-family members are working from home. Coping with a biological virus can actually increase the risks of falling victim to digital ones. This article sets out some pointers.

At the onset of COVID-19, businesses were faced with the very real prospect of moving their entire workforce to a remote working environment, in a very short space of time. For many, this prospect was an entirely novel reality, with the majority of staff primarily based in offices before the pandemic. While successfully implemented by many, this move threw up a number of operational challenges and heightened cybersecurity risks that continue to persist today.

For family offices, in particular, this has been an historic change in the corporate environment. Despite modern technology allowing remote working to flourish, it is essential to carefully consider how the family members interact with each other, the office, and other critical parties. Taking a holistic view of the family office through the lens of cybersecurity, the primary concern is always about privacy and the control of data and information.

You can read the complete article published with WealthBriefing here

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