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26 Jan 2016

Exploring Hedge Fund Security

In order to keep your firm secure from cyber threats, it’s important that you employ the right solutions. But with so many options, it can be challenging to understand the differences between each solution. In today’s post, we overview five key security tools you should have in place at your hedge fund.

Remote Access Tools and Policies

Remote access tools and policies work together to help ensure that all of your firm’s critical data stays within your corporate network. With so many employees telecommuting in today’s modern workplace, it’s essential to enforce policies and procedures for both in office and remote personnel. When evaluating remote access solutions, make sure the solutions adhere to financial industry standards, and also be on the lookout for robust compliance functionalities, which can include extending policies and procedures to remote users and ensuring that the remote PC’s system is appropriately patched and up to date. Multi-factor authentication should also be deployed as an additional security layer in the case that passwords are compromised.

Boundary and Malware Defense

Boundary and malware defense solutions help to detect, prevent, and correct the flow of information being transferred between networks of varying trust levels. These tools work along your firm’s policies and procedures to identify and mitigate potential threats quickly and efficiently. These tools can also use filtering mechanisms to screen and exclude access to websites that are a threat or contain malicious content such as malware, a common and destructive software that attempts to gather access to private computer systems in order to steal information and/or disrupt operations.

Data Governance and Data Loss Prevention

Data governance ensures that essential data assets are formally managed throughout an organization. For hedge funds and investment firms, this data can include investor information, investment decisions and other critical financial information. With the threat of cybercrime and hacking targeted at the investment industry on the rise, it is necessary to adapt in order to ensure that you know exactly where how and where your critical data is housed, as well as who can access it. These solutions can automatically prevent sensitive files from being removed off the corporate network without explicit permission, and can detect potential data breaches.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps to secure both your corporate network and mobile devices by enhancing network security through limiting access to your firm’s network. These tools extend standard internal policies to any mobile device and enable firms to segregate corporate and personal data.

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