09 Mar 2018

Cybersecurity, Information Security, and Data Management in a Mobile and Insecure World

Last week RFA President Yohan Kim and CIO Michael Asher addressed cybersecurity, information security and data management in today’s mobile & insecure world as distinguished guest speakers at the 5th Annual Operations for Alternatives (OFA) conference in Miami, Florida. OFA is geared towards C-suite executives and industry experts who oversee operations and compliance for the alternative investment sector. It’s an opportunity to network and share industry best practices as well as learn from industry thought leaders on how to enhance compliance and operational efficiencies.

RFA CIO Michael Asher stressed the importance of cultivating a strong culture of data management as key to ensuring companies stay out the headlines and avoid hefty fines. The industry has been plagued with problems related to data management and companies are being tasked to do more with less, but recent technological advancements have made solutions available. Creating a culture of data management is a critical competency in today’s investment culture.

RFA President Yohan Kim further expounded on how companies can address cybersecurity demands and information security with policy and implementation. From identifying realistic and implementable cybersecurity strategies based on scale and available capital to how to make the business case to your team, as well as ensuring data is protected when the information leaves your company. It’s up to each company to do its due diligence to ensure information security and data protection.

Creating a culture of data management is a critical competency in today’s investment culture.

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  1. Establish Risks at Your Organization
    • Document management
    • Human errors
    • Mobile access & exposure increasing vulnerability
  2. Develop Weighted, Phased Roadmap to Enhance Program
    • Educate, Assess, Remediate, Monitor and Maintain
    • Comprehensive protection
    • Ongoing support
  3. Position to Leadership
    • Cost-saving instead of additive overhead
    • Reputational and operational risk mitigation
    • Ability to win future accounts



  1. Employee Education and Phishing Testing
    • In-person or online e-learning modules provide training and awareness for users on variety of relevant cybersecurity and industry best practices
    • Test user awareness with “fake” emails requesting confidential informatio
  2. Next-Gen Endpoint Protection
    • Ensuring the latest, advanced security solution to protect your devices
  3. Mobile Device Management (MDM) in a BYOD Environment
    • Balancing demand of agility and convenience while still protecting data
  4. Next-Gen Firewalls
    • Ensuring the latest firewalls installed and operating
  5. Ongoing Vulnerability Scanning & Penetration Testing
    • Scan the network and associated systems for vulnerabilities such as missing patches, open ports, unauthorized configuration changes and application installations
  6. Information Rights Management (IRM)
    • Data security as companies continue to migrate to digital

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