17 Nov 2017

Cloud-enabled Operations: Secured with CASB

It’s clear: today’s “on-the-go” workforce is constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently and effectively, and the ever-expanding number of productivity apps and software available in the market means more data is being mobilized every day.

Traditionally, this has presented progressive organizations with a tough choice: empower their employees with public cloud-enabled mobility and flexibility, or maintain full security and data access control. How do firms take advantage of the latest advances in public cloud-based services while keeping their name out of the headlines?

Enter next-gen Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology

Next-gen CASB offerings allow organizations to utilize the cloud while ensuring levels of data security and compliance previously only achievable in private, local networks.

Offering the latest advances in data control, CASB technology safeguards your sensitive information whether it’s coming from or to the cloud; administrators can enforce permissions and device-specific data access policies along with forced-encryption downloads and redaction functionality, protecting data end-to-end. It also protects firms from accidental data leak: machine learning, leveraging an evolving dictionary of identifiers, is employed to detect anomalous activities and prevent the sharing of sensitive information.

Properly-administered CASB solutions should provide enhanced intelligence and insights in your organization’s cloud usage. Real-time user behavioral analytics powered by machine learning allow for better detection of anomalous activity and aberrant behavior. Combined with full visibility of the organization’s cloud-connected footprint, firms can take an innovative approach to mitigating Shadow IT adoption with end-to-end control of which apps can be used, how, and by whom – if an ID point is accessed locally on one productivity app, and the same ID point is used to access another app remotely, CASB can quickly flag both and require additional verifications for that ID point, therefore removing the “bad actor.”

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