09 Nov 2020

By Jen Banzaca for Alternatives Watch

As hedge funds continue to transition back to the office, they are faced with a new set of challenges and cyber risks with employees returning to work.

In the months that employees worked remotely, cybercriminals and nation state attackers took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to ramp up their attacks against remote employees and remote access solutions.

Grigoriy Milis, chief technology officer at RFA, noted that cybercriminals are also targeting remote employees and access points in an environment where some workers are in the office, some are continuing to work from home and some will do both of course. “For the most part, many of our clients are using the hybrid model. Typically, this is done in a rotated fashion where one part of the team works on certain days while the rest of the team works on the remaining days,” Milis observed.

Employees returning to the office present a significant cybersecurity risk to firms, Milis also noted. People have been working remotely for the past several months and have been disconnected from the corporate network most of the time. During this time, devices may have been compromised and firms are trying to deal with “potential time bombs” as employees reconnect devices to the corporate network.

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