Cloud Misconceptions

Cloud Misconceptions

Today on the blog, Managing Director of RFA UK George Ralph clears up common misconceptions about the public cloud and explains why you shouldn’t fear it.

  1. Public cloud adoption is growing steadily, and with that comes fear for many organisations around the security of the services. Security is a topic which is always at the forefront of the financial services industry, with companies rightly concerned about the safekeeping of client data. Furthermore, the public cloud has been frequently highlighted in the media as the reason for security lapses or breaches.
  1. As a result, many corporations have found themselves at the centre of this security debate as information is shared, either on purpose or accidentally, without the end user’s knowledge. But despite the common belief that the public cloud is less secure than the private cloud, this is cloud-security-ts-100622309-primary-idgeactually not the case.
  1. In actuality, the major challenge of the public cloud has not been around its level of security, but rather who controls the data being stored within it. The core issue is whether or not the public cloud provider has access to encryption keys and has a theoretical ability to decrypt the data.
  1. Additional encryption keys move the data control out of the public cloud provider’s hands and into the hands of the data owner, mitigating any risks over public cloud security. By adding additional layers of encryption on top of whatever security the public cloud provider is offering, security is doubled.