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  • “RFA understands IT and infrastructure but equally important adheres to the number one rule in client service, in my personal opinion, which is to always be available to your clients to assist in their current and ongoing needs.”

    - Andrew Rabinowitz, Partner Marathon Asset Management

  • “The RFA team really understands our business. They did an outstanding job building our infrastructure to match our business needs. I am very impressed with the professionalism exhibited by the entire team.”

    - Frank Fitzgerald, Vice President O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

  • “RFA has always kept us, the client, well informed. Their dedication to research and education has given them a superior edge in the hedge fund market and we are entirely pleased to work with them.”

    - Richard Bello, Managing Director Blue Ridge Capital Management

News and Resources

Cyber Threats 2015: All About Phishing Attacks

A couple weeks back, we introduced a series on cyber threats by detailing the warning signs and best practices hedge funds could implement when protecting themselves against socially engineered cyber-attacks. This week we continue our series by going a bit further to break down five key facts on phishing...

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Cyber Threats 2015: All About Phishing Attacks

Data Governance and Auditing: Four Key Facts for Hedge Funds

Data is the most important element of any organization, and as a result, companies of all types and sizes need to understand who uses it, and where and how their data is stored. With the growth of unstructured data, which refers to data that is not organized in a...

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Data Governance and Auditing: Four Key Facts for Hedge ...