Webcast On-Demand, Remote Workforce Cybersecurity

30 Mar 2020

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Webcast On-Demand, Remote Workforce Cybersecurity

Chances are, your organization is suddenly grappling with every employee working from home, and your IT and security teams are tasked with ensuring secure, uninterrupted access to corporate networks. 

This massive, unprecedented shift to distance working brings with it a whole new set of cybersecurity challenges. 

This new “Borderless Business Environment,” is  vulnerable. With phishing attacks on the rise, and a BYOD ( Bring your own device,) strategy adopted in the face of supply chain disruptions and hardware shortages firms are largely exposed. Join us for this timely webcast as we cover these challenges and more. 

Highlights of this Webcast Include:  

  • Understanding how to establish strong IT ” Hygiene” in every environment.
  • The Basics of Remote Worker “Cyber” Training
  • How to ensure the security of software applications, hardware devices, and operating systems
  • Remote Security Posture vs. Capacity
  • How Managed Security and Detection Response ensure security across all vulnerabilities within and outside of the business environment.

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