RFA Cloud

Why RFA private cloud?

The RFA Private Cloud Platform provides on-demand hosted infrastructure for firms that require agility, security, and reliability. Beyond the demands of file hosting and data storage, the RFA Private Cloud Platform is a dedicated, virtual Infrastructure-as-a-Solution (IaaS) offering that allows firms to move all applications and data from on-site servers to a fully-hosted model. RFA’s private cloud provides hedge funds the opportunity to efficiently transition infrastructure and management expenses from large CAPEX investments to a more predictable, OPEX-focused model.

RFA Private Cloud Diagram

Leverages the power of RFA’s private data center – Our facilities are SAS70/SSAE16 Type II audited and have been designed to meet stringent industry security and compliance regulations.

Scalable environment – As your company grows, the RFA Private Cloud will scale to your needs.

On-demand infrastructure – Since the RFA Private Cloud is monitored and maintained within our data center environment, your services will be configured and running in the shortest time possible. End-to-end RFA ownership allows for the shortest possible deployment time for infrastructure to accommodate your ever-evolving business needs.

Technology is always up-to-date – RFA invests heavily in R&D to ensure the RFA Private Cloud platform leverages the latest, proven technological advances to maintain optimal performance. Because RFA consistently stays at the forefront of technology and regulatory compliance, hedge funds are able to completely outsource infrastructure management and maintenance to our private cloud service.