04 Aug 2016

Seven Reasons Why Financial Services Firms Should Consider the Hybrid Cloud

  1. The hybrid cloud is a technology environment that combines the features of the public cloud, private cloud platforms built for the use of a single company, and on-premise environments.
  1. Financial services firms require technology solutions that are not “one size fits all.” Hybrid cloud environments accommodate the complex needs of financial services firms because they allow for various deployment scenarios, accommodating varying needs for functionality, scalability, and performance.
  1. Because the hybrid cloud takes advantage of a variety of technology environments, organizations can shift workloads between these environments depending on the level of security required, changing costs, and computing needs.
  1. Hybrid cloud environments can integrate public and private cloud features into one managed platform, enabling firms to create a customized solution that best fits the needs of their business.
  1. Because hybrid cloud environments combine the best features of both the public and private cloud, including the highest levels of security, control, and scalability, users can rest assured that their technology infrastructure will adapt to the needs of their firm over time, without sacrificing levels of control or the security of their environment.
  1. Hybrid cloud solutions have the ability to integrate private cloud platforms with features from public cloud solutions. This combination allows firms to lower costs whilst also increasing scalability and enhancing the client’s ability to control their technology environment directly.
  1. Firms can choose where to host specific applications and data, depending on individual preferences and needs.

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