11 Aug 2016

Securing the Hybrid Cloud

RFA Managing Director George Ralph discusses the steps you should take to secure the hybrid cloud.

  1. Start by assessing the risks associated with the hybrid cloud environment. You can do this by assessing the type of data that is stored within your organization, and determining whether it makes most sense to store it on site or within the cloud.
  1. Next, being an evaluation process of the potential cloud providers. Whichever provider you ultimately decide to go with should be a specialist partner with a range of services to meet your needs. They should also be able to easily integrate with your vendors and business partners.
  1. The cloud provider should also exceed certain security and compliance regulations that are relevant to the alternative investment sector. Make sure they can demonstrate that your data will be stored in accordance with the security requirements that the industry demands.
  1. When it comes to security, these requirements include confirming that data centers are physically secure and adhere to ISO27001 and SSAE 16/Type II standards and that encryption, web filtering, intrusion detection, and multifactor authentication solutions are employed. Having these solutions in place will help ensure uninterrupted service and enhanced cybersecurity protection. Understanding which services are bundled into the provider’s cloud will clarify the level of security that will be used to protect private data.
  1. Ask the right questions. When moving to a hybrid cloud environment, focus on four keys areas to understand the level of security:
  • What features are built into the cloud provider’s offering?
  • How is data segregated from that of other users on the cloud?
  • Where does the cloud provider’s infrastructure reside and what type of hardware is used?
  • Who has access to the cloud provider’s infrastructure and how are these individuals screened?
  1. Don’t forget to check customer references of the potential cloud provider from other companies in your industry. If the provider does not have at least one to two happy customers willing to recommend it, you should be wary of their service quality.

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