Live Webcast, The Connected and Collaborative Private Equity Firm

09 Apr 2020

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Live Webcast, The Connected and Collaborative Private Equity Firm

Listen with, RFA’s John Manganiello (Head of Business Development) and Markel Alayev (Director of Service Delivery) and DealCloud’s Connor Chapman (Director, EMEA Operations) as they  review the key tenets and capabilities of a fully connected, collaborative, and modern investment management organization.

RFA – equipped with over 30 years of experience providing information technology (IT), financial cloud, and cyber-security services to the financial services and alternative investment sectors – will provide actionable strategies to transform the way private equity professionals perform their day-to-day roles. DealCloud and RFA, having many mutual capital markets clients and deep experience partnering on technology transformation projects, will provide insight into the key initiatives private equity firms should execute on in the near- and long-term.

The panelists will present the “ACT” framework, which encourages firms of all strategies and sizes to implement technologies that encourage Accessibility, Connectivity, and Transparency. Among the specific topics they will cover include cloud readiness, mobility, single sign-on (SSO), systems integrations and APIs, Outlook/Office and G Suite integrations, data warehouses, and much more.

Whether your firm is technologically savvy, currently undergoing a technology transformation process, or feeling the pain of the current COVID-19 crisis and related workplace disruption, this webinar will shed light on the best practices and opportunities for improvement leaders at firms should seriously consider and take action on.

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