08 Apr 2019

RFA Launches First-of-Its-Kind Co-Managed Security Operations Center ("SOC") for MSPs

– First Co-Managed Security Operations Center (“SOC”) model.

– Allows Managed Service Providers (“MSPs”) to build out their own security operations.

NEW YORK and LONDON, April 8, 2019 RFA, globally-trusted managed IT, development, Cloud and cybersecurity services provider, today announces the launch of RFA Security-Platform-as-a-Service (“SPaaS”), a first of its kind solution purpose-built to help MSPs start a managed security services practice and grow it into a major profit center. RFA SPaaS is powered by RFA’s AiRE (Automated Incident Response Engine), a proprietary SOC compliance and automation tool, and Seceon aiSIEM™, the award-winning, industry leading adaptive and intelligent security information and event management platform.

Operational complexities, security platform pricing models, and demand for industry-certified talent represent significant barriers to entry for MSPs wishing to establish effective managed detection and response (“MDR”) services for their clients. RFA co-managed security platform solves these issues through a turnkey co-managed security platform, helping MSPs of all sizes and complexities start their own MDR practices without expensive upfront investment in operational infrastructure and supporting talent. MSPs looking to offer managed security solutions now have full access to the RFA platform, which, powered by Seceon aiSIEM™ and RFA’s AiRE, offers:

  • Effective real-time detailed alerting leveraging AI & machine learning capabilities and predictive analytics.
  • Comprehensive integration across multiple devices and security layers, granting instantaneous and contextual data ingestion for comprehensive visualization.
  • Automated response for threat mitigation by full integration with Public and Private Cloud networks and identity management systems.
  • Integration of 3rd party workflow and remediation solutions; achieve lower investigation thresholds and remediation efficacy by adding endpoint detection response (“EDR”) systems with natural language investigation capabilities to the RFA security platform.
  • Compliance reporting and auditing.

The new offering, available immediately, can be deployed on public or private Cloud environments and has three service models for MSPs to choose from:

Security-as-a-Service: The most comprehensive model includes the full IT Infrastructure (a multi-tenant aiSIEM™ and RFA’s AiRE system), partner professional services automation ticketing system integration support, and full white-labeled SOC support (24/7 monitoring, end-to-end alert handling, SOC compliance reporting).

Co-Managed Security: Includes the IT Infrastructure (a multi-tenant aiSIEM™ and RFA’s AiRE system), partner PSA system integration support, night and weekend SOC monitoring and security escalations, as well as SOC compliance reporting.

Hosted aiSIEM™ + AiRE: Allows partners to maximize profits by integrating its own systems with hosted multi-tenant aiSIEM™, and RFA’s AiRE system.

Michael Asher, Chief Information Officer at RFA, stated: “MSPs looking to continuously increase revenue and improve service efficiencies can now benefit from both RFA’s security expertise and leading MDR platforms. The three service models offered by RFA are specifically designed for MSPs of all sizes and complexities and will allow them for the first time ever to establish their own managed security services practice and turn it into a major profit center.”

Chandra Pandey, Founder and CEO of Seceon, added, “As a leader in enterprise cyber security solutions, we’re excited to be partnering with RFA. RFA’s AiRE is the most effective SOC workflow automation tool available today, and the combination with Seceon’s powerful behavioral analytics, machine learning, threat intelligence and contextual analytics capabilities was a clear winner.”

Clients looking to find out more, can reach out to Sales@RFA.com or visit RFA AiRE Platform.

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