17 Sep 2019

RFA Forms Dedicated Development Services Division

RFA’s specialist team is increasingly working with quantitative investment managers on business robotics, DevOps and custom development projects.

NEW YORK, Sept. 17, 2019 — RFA, the cloud and cyber-security provider to the financial services and alternative investment sectors, today announced the official launch of their dedicated Development Services (“DevServ”) team that will now be available for all clients. The DevServ team will focus exclusively on working with alternative investment managers to provide them with bespoke solutions that help fund managers better utilize the latest data management and processing tools, increase versatility and unlock operational efficiency.

The team, led by Mark Alayev, Director of Service Delivery, consists of global specialists focused on three core services – business robotics, DevOps and custom development – and who are proficient in a menu of brand-agnostic developer tools including Bloomberg, IBM Watson, AWS Cognitive, Microsoft Cognito, and other integrated data feeds. Additionally, DevServ leverages Office 365 migrations, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flow automation platforms which, collaboratively, provide for secure and scalable bespoke solutions. Other capabilities include workflow automation and algorithm deployment for due diligence management, operations modelling, trading, data pooling, and more.

The solution is available to all alternative asset managers and will be supported by an added layer of RFA fortification through ongoing troubleshooting and customer services for clients engaged with the team.

RFA’s DevServ team will work with clients to create bespoke front-end web applications that are cloud hosted and solve for unique operational needs. Through this infrastructure-as-code approach, clients can capitalize on operational benefits and cost efficiencies by automating business functions and redundant operational tasks through software and cloud applications.

Yohan Kim, President of RFA, commented, “Clients come to RFA for holistic advice as it relates to their technology operations, and we’re proud and excited to be able to offer clients more than just best-in-class IT support. By partnering with clients’ inhouse teams, and working together with the latest tools and techniques, such as business robotics and DevOps, we are moving towards a future where all infrastructure is managed as software and helping to build the financial services businesses of tomorrow, today.”

The DevServ team has already successfully piloted inaugural client solutions, such as the recent launch of Pacific Fund System’s PFS-CLOUD SaaS platform. It significantly reduced the time and capital resources needed for client onboarding into their broader fund administration offerings, resulting in better budgeting and a more intuitive application. Additionally, the DevServ team has recently proven its track record by developing an HR solution for a private equity manager with $30bn in assets under management which improved and automated core HR functions such as candidate tracking, onboarding and data sourcing, all the while adhering to jurisdictional and GDPR compliance requirements.

As an increasing number of discretionary investment managers implement quantitative techniques into their investment processes, and as compliance and transparency mandates continue to expand, managers are increasingly requiring nimble data warehousing and reporting solutions. RFA’s DevServe team bridges this need by offering state-of-art expertise and an expanding toolbox of developer solutions that help log, store, sort and utilize data-sets for quantitative and operational use.

“Our team operates under the mission to solve for clients most immediate needs, while foreseeing and planning for future expenditures,” said Mark Alayev, Director of Service Delivery. “That is why we remain agnostic to the tools we use, which in turn allows us to fit the best solutions for each client individually, without being limited to a single platform.”

The RFA Development Services team will continue to work with clients to create unique-to-fit solutions across all infrastructures. For more information on and to get in contact with RFA’s Development Services team, please visit www.rfa.com.

About RFA
RFA is a unique IT, financial cloud and cyber-security provider to the financial services and alternative investment sectors. Headquartered in New York City and London (EMEA), RFA serves more than 650 clients globally with additional facilities in Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California and Luxembourg. RFA bring together a seasoned executive team and a committed group of over 200 highly skilled consultant technicians. RFA redefines the future of technological support through R&D, DevOps, automation and machine-learning, providing clients with tomorrow’s edge, today. RFA offers bespoke solutions to clients that are system-agnostic, secure, transparent, best-in-class and supported by holistic advice and create a customized strategy for each client to get business processes and workflows to run with greater speed, security, ease of use and outmost efficiency. For more information on RFA, please visit www.RFA.com.

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