01 Sep 2016

RFA Announces Release of Secure Multi-Cloud Platform

RFA (Richard Fleischman and Associates, Inc.) today announced the release of the RFA Multi-Cloud platform, which securely combines public and private cloud services into one managed solution. By extending the safeguards of RFA’s singular cyber protection tier, the Multi-Cloud offering enables RFA clients to compliantly integrate cost-effective, highly scalable public cloud solutions into their IT strategy.

In partnership with Amazon and Microsoft, the RFA Multi-Cloud builds upon RFA’s private cloud, a dedicated Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, and is designed to meet the need for a flexible, unified platform that facilitates the cost efficient adoption of externally hosted applications as business requirements evolve. Current RFA private cloud customers are able to seamlessly expand into the Multi-Cloud by establishing a secure connection to public cloud systems, ensuring all data is subject to the same RFA suite of enterprise-grade cyber protections. RFA Multi-Cloud clients will continue to benefit from the expert guidance, dedicated support, and superior customer service offered by RFA’s leading global team.

“As a leader in managed technology services for more than twenty-five years, RFA’s extensive research and development effort focuses on anticipating changes in the technology landscape to identify optimal client solutions,” said Yohan Kim, Chief Operating Officer at RFA. “The release of the Multi-Cloud platform will provide clients at all stages—from start-ups to established, global firms—with the best of both worlds when it comes to the cloud: lowered costs and increased flexibility, while still providing the highest level of security and control.”

About RFA (Richard Fleischman and Associates) RFA is the trusted technology partner and leading cloud service provider for the asset management community. As a vendor-agnostic advisor, RFA navigates the ever-evolving technology landscape to guide clients in the future-proof design, implementation, and ongoing management of business-aligned IT strategy. With a bespoke customer service model refined over twenty-five years in support of the financial services industry, RFA’s team of highly specialized engineers is uniquely positioned to support your operations by optimizing and securing your technology investment. RFA is globally headquartered in Manhattan with additional U.S. operations in New York, Connecticut, San Francisco and Boston; RFA EMEA operations are headquartered in Mayfair, London, United Kingdom.

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