The next generation in cyber-security is here

04 Mar 2021

The next generation in cyber-security is here

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George Ralph of RFA outlines why your firm needs Managed Detection Response

We exist in a rapidly changing technological landscape, and with our lives being driven even further online by events in the last 12 months, we need to keep focused on protecting our business information technology and data resources. Our anytime/anywhere working model and our scattered workforces mean our networks are more susceptible to cyber-threats than ever before. Every device, every wi-fi network and every piece of data sent electronically can be susceptible to threat and it is imperative that your firm has an ‘always on’ approach to cyber-security and that you have oversight across your whole IT estate.

The nature of our new hybrid working style has undoubtedly opened up more opportunity for cyber- attacks. The attacks are becoming more complex and the acknowledged approach of simply protecting against attacks when they arrive simply isn’t good enough anymore. The traditional office-based network with firewall is a thing of the past, so protecting people, devices, data and the cloud requires a new approach. Today our aim is to detect attacks and prevent them before they can reach your network or users, therefore mitigating against the risk. Security protection against cyber threat is possible, and here is how.

RFA’s Managed Detection Response (MDR) encompasses a true end-to-end security solution for your firm. Facilitating real time 24/7 risk detection and containment by incorporating machine learning and AI capabilities, MDR can detect a threat, contain that threat and create reporting that allows for forensic investigation of the threat post event.

Our real time ‘always on’ threat detection monitoring leverages behavioural analysis, using machine learning and AI to monitor inbound and outbound connections as well as activity across all your systems and platforms. Looking for anomalies in the behaviours of a person or device, or bad links or data, our automated system can react to abnormalities and security threats in real time. Fully integrated with third party systems and platforms on your cloud, MDR provides you with a 360-degree security view of your network.

MDR incorporates a full Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) programme. We understand that the massive increase in number of entry-points in to a network, and therefore a security risk, are mostly made up of devices and connections to multiple networks. EDR monitors processes and executables at the endpoint, but

also monitors for potential adversarial activity. Leak detection and alerting preserves the integrity of corporate data at the endpoint, and MDR provides predictive alerting while correlating events to also identify risk.

Funnelled to our Security Operations Centre (SOC), using RFA’s AI Security Information and Event Management system, events and security logs are aggregated and correlated, facilitating streamlined reporting and ongoing investigation processes.

Cyber-attack prevention is, however, everyone’s responsibility and the new AI and machine learning detection models can be assisted by each and every one of us. RFA work with our clients to provide comprehensive staff training on how to spot phishing attacks and what to do when faced with one. We also implement multi-factor authentication across our client networks as well as work with individuals on how to secure their satellite office systems effectively.

As technology continues to advance, we are working with clients to provide other ways to secure data and protect staff, clients, and business flow. Through public cloud solutions we are able to deliver secure desktops, manage accessibility to data and create secure collaborative solutions, both internally and with third party vendors. Designing a best of breed solution for every client, RFA’s MDR gives market leading performance and peace of mind, 24/7

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