26 Apr 2016

Keeping Your Home Office Secure

Following strong data protection policies and procedures should not end when you leave the office. In today’s mobile world, it is important to make sure that your home network functions as an extension of your corporate office network and that you have the proper tools in place to keep data secure. With so many people now working remotely on a variety of devices including laptops, tablets and cell phones, having the proper safeguards in place is more important than ever. Read on to learn some simple ways to stay secure.

Enlist a trusted technology partner to assess your current situation when it comes to cybersecurity and data protection. A technology partner can advise you on the best ways to keep private data safe and secure, both in and outside of the office. There are several tools available that allow the ability to track and locate sensitive information on home networks, and ensure that the information is being used for intended purposes.

Use anti-virus software. Anti-virus software is one of the simplest ways to protect against common threats, and is the base level foundation for home office security.

Invest in a firewall for network security. A dedicated security gateway protects your network from unauthorized external access and provides a secure wireless network.

Use an externally managed email service rather than a locally hosted solution.

Practice secure web browsing by using a web content filter that identifies malicious content from any website to minimize potential threats.

Invest in mobile device management (MDM) tools. MDM tools safeguard information that is sent from mobile phones by ensuring the device can be wiped.

Back up your data. Offsite tapeless backup provides additional layers of redundancy in the event that any information is lost or compromised.

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