29 Sep 2016

How to Stay Cyber Safe

  1. Thoroughly examine your technology assets and ensure that all devices are protected by an enterprise security solution. Don’t just assume you are protected.
  1. Make sure to update software licenses regularly so that they are up to date. Otherwise, it is not useful to invest in a comprehensive security portfolio.
  1. Built a multi-layered security solution which includes anti-virus software, firewalls, a backup solution, encryption software, mobile device protection, and multifactor authentication to reduce password attacks.
  1. Discuss cybersecurity regularly at your firm and make secure to provide regular training sessions for employees. It is essential for employees to understand how their choices and behavior around technology can impact the entire firm.
  1. Implement security controls on social media and web access and educate the workforce about phishing scams, as well as the importance of checking a website’s security certificate. Also make sure to monitor online behavior at your firm and take action if you notice anything unusual, such as an employee downloading large amounts of files.
  1. Most importantly, expect that attack attempts will happen, and test your cybersecurity defenses regularly. Assume you will be attacked and plan accordingly.

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