07 Jul 2016

Five Reasons to Consider the Hybrid Cloud

Today, RFA Managing Director George Ralph discusses five reasons you should consider the hybrid cloud for your firm.

Reason One: Hybrid cloud environments provide users the best of both worlds by integrating public, private, and on premise functionalities. This combination enables users to implement various deployment scenarios to create customized technology environments that best fit their needs, allowing them to leverage the capabilities of all three environments.

Reason Two: The hybrid cloud delivers users with a higher level of flexibility by providing the scalability associated with the public cloud and the direct control associated with the private cloud. In addition, users can choose to host applications on-site depending on their specific needs.

Reason Three: The hybrid cloud is more cost effective since it allows users to pick and choose where to host select applications based on various factors, such as how critical the data or application is. By hosting more critical applications in the private cloud and others in the public cloud, firms are able to save money without comprising efficiency.

Reason Four: Hybrid cloud environments encourage transparency by requiring users to evaluate their data assets and applications to determine which environment is the best fit for each.

Reason Five: When deployed by a top rate cloud provider, hybrid cloud environments ensure that all applications receive the highest level of support and security, regardless of whether they are hosted in the public or private cloud or on-premise environments.

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