29 Jan 2016

Cybersecurity Alerts: Weekly Update for January 29th

Get an update on this week’s cybersecurity threats.

Malware Spreading Through MS Word Documents

Security researchers have discovered malicious word documents that are spreading through spearphishing emails.

PayPal Bug
This week, PayPal patched one of its business websites, manager.paypal.com, after a vulnerability that enabled users to open backdoors on PayPal’s servers was discovered.

Israeli Electric Authority Hit by Cyber Attack

This week, the Israeli Electric Authority mitigated a severe cyber attack, which was deemed a virus. The Electric Authority oversees and regulates the distribution of electricity in Israel.

Juniper Backdoor

Letters were sent out last week from the House Oversight & Government reform Committee to the leaders of various US government agencies, requesting reports on the use of Juniper products. The government agencies are required to audit their IT infrastructure by February 4th for the use of backdoored Juniper Networks’ Netsecreen firewalls.

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