29 Apr 2020

On-Demand Webinar, A New Framework for the Virtual Workforce

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A New Framework for the Virtual Workforce

The COVID-19 outbreak has rewritten the rules, and means new ways of functioning must be formulated and adopted. The challenges stem from the fact that such a seismic shift in the way organizations function has never happened before. Organizations are under continued pressure to ensure employee communications remain compliant and secure how can they achieve this and adopt it for a the foreseeable future?

Listen with, Michael Asher, Chief Information Officer of RFA and Global Relay’s John Russo VP, Compliance as they review the new normal for remote employees.

Highlights of this on-demand webinar are:
  • Keeping Devices Compliant: Top 5 Considerations
  • Implementing a Compliance Monitoring System
  • Messaging Compliance: Fresh Perspectives


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