Webinar, Re-entering and Re-activating the Office

18 Jun 2020

Webinar,  Re-entering and Re-activating the Office

Top considerations, challenges, and opportunities


In the current environment, we have offices closed, employees, working from home, and meetings being conducted at dining room tables and makeshift home offices. This is business as usual in the new normal, and how some will continue to work in the future following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But for those firms readying or already headed back to the corporate office, they are not returning to the offices they left behind.

RFA has aligned with JLL on this subject to bring you a holistic view of what re-entering the workplace entails and how not only to re-enter it but “re-imagine” what it will look like and how it will operate.

In this webcast, our experts will uncover the following with spotlight on return to work plans beyond Covid-19:

– Creating a phased approach for return, and adjusting workspace to accommodate social distancing and provide a safe and healthy environment.
– Technology Considerations for collaboration, productivity and communications
– Cyber Security and Compliance Best Practices

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