Get the Most out of Your Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Purchase – The Moderate User

Get the Most out of Your Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Purchase – The Moderate User

Are you using your Microsoft Office 365 to its fullest potential? We’ll show you how to move beyond the basics and maximize your organization’s effectiveness with Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 packs a lot more bang for the buck than most people realize. We want to make sure you’re not leaving value on the table so we’re highlighting the apps and services that can help your business grow. Understanding these apps and services will help you move beyond the basics and maximize your organization’s effectiveness with Office 365.

(Last time we covered O365 – The Fundamentals User so make sure you check that out first.)


Now that you’ve got the basics down, what else can Office 365 offer you?


Level 2: The Moderate User

OneDrive: Online, fully-synced file storage solution. OneDrive relocates your files from being stored locally on each user’s machine to the cloud, where all users with access can view them. That means that employees can easily access up-to-date files from their phones or while they work remotely. If Alice is sick, a meeting utilizing her files can still proceed without a hiccup. You can also wipe data remotely in case you or an employee loses a device, and securely store up to 1TB of backup. Custom security options allow you to set which users have access to which types of files and to distinguish between read and write access.

SharePoint (Business Premium or Business Essentials packages): Document management system and intranet. Until your O365 purchase, your company likely had its own file server system. Someone had to build, maintain, and update that system. Also, any external factors like power outages could take down the server altogether, making work impossible until the situation was rectified. SharePoint eliminates those types of delays, raising your productivity. With the intelligent ability for each team, group, or department to have its own site, SharePoint streamlines workflows as well.

Flow (Business Premium or Business Essentials packages): Automation workflow solution. Business works better when processes become automated. Flow utilizes the knowledge stored in SharePoint to free up employees from tedious, repetitive processes. These automations can even integrate with external data sources. Flow also stores its automations back in SharePoint for easy updating.

Teams (Business Premium or Business Essentials packages): Fully integrated communication. Teams not only includes chat and online meetings, but also expands into the hardware portion of your business. You can now replace office phone systems and conference room hardware to integrate your teams wherever they are. Teams facilitates calling through its interface using phones, mobile devices, PCs, and Macs, which removes the need for complex and clunky in-office telephone systems. Furthermore, Microsoft offers a range of products to enhance the communication experience: USB and Bluetooth accessories, telephones for both desks and conference rooms, and the Microsoft Surface Hub for meeting rooms. These integrate seamlessly with Skype Room Systems and bring your teams together, no matter how physically far apart they may be.


RFA’s Pro-Tip: Depending on your subscription package: Business Essentials, Business, or Business Premium, you’ll have access to a multitude of apps and services. In today’s cloud-based world, gone are the days of paying for costly office suite licenses – instead, you now have a subscription-based product which can be tailored to your unique needs and scale as you grow.


Looking for more opportunities to innovate and expand? Stay tuned for the ultimate level: The Power User.