RFA Blog: Top Ten Posts

RFA Blog: Top Ten Posts

RFA Blog Top Ten Posts: Wondering which hedge fund technology topics are the most important to your peers? Today on the blog, we’ve pulled together our most popular posts since February to give you an idea.

Hedge Fund Cybersecurity: Four Trends for 2015

Cybersecurity has been a large focus for hedge funds over the past year, and continues to garner attention due to the growing threat of cyber-attacks. Read on to learn more about four hedge fund cybersecurity trends your firm should pay attention to in 2015.

Cyber Threats 2015: All About Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are the most common type of cyber-attack method today, with new mutations and versions appearing every day. Hedge funds and other investment management firms have become prime targets for attackers based on the vast amount of assets and wealth of investor information they can hold at any one time, and the constantly evolving mutations make these attacks rfa blog top ten postseven more difficult to detect. Over time, these phishing scams have evolved to appear highly authentic- in the past, pending attacks were easy to detect and thwart due to the poor grammar and unlikely scenarios described in the phishing emails.

Cyber Threats 2015: Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Advanced persistent threats are a set of constant computer hacking processes, which often target businesses for moral, political or business reasons. APTs are almost always implemented by humans, and the motives behind these types of threats make hedge funds and other investment management firms a prime target. The main purpose of an APT is to steal critical data from a company, rather than to cause visible destruction or damage to a network. In an APT attack, the hacker will enter the network without being noticed, and remain there for an extended length of time, spying and stealing a firm’s information.

History of Disaster Recovery: Four Key Facts

Disaster recovery (DR) has gained visibility in recent years due to several events that caused investment management firms to take planning and technology seriously, such as Hurricane Sandy, high-profile cyber-attacks, and general human errors.  What you may not know, however, is that disaster recovery has been a part of the business landscape for almost forty years. Read on to learn four key facts on the history of disaster recovery.

IT Job Titles Explained

RFA UK Managing Director George Ralph discusses his take on the top IT job titles to watch.

Three Keys to Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan (BCP) is a document describing the policies, procedures, and actions that will help restore vital business functions during a disaster or crisis. Business continuity specifically comprises the larger human-related aspect of a crisis plan, such as the steps employees must take in order to keep business operations running smoothly.

Cybersecurity Strategy: A Quick Guide

When it comes to planning your hedge fund’s cybersecurity strategy, the options can be endless and somewhat overwhelming. Here at RFA, we’ve mapped out a simple guide with key best practices and accompanying action items, so you know exactly what steps to take when designing your policies. Read on to learn more.

Cyber Threats 2015: Socially Engineered Attacks

Cybersecurity has been a huge topic over the past year for investment management companies of all types- and for good reason. Cyber threats are on the rise, coming in the form of breaches attempting to steal firms’ private data. As a result, there has been a focus on education and prevention. But what are these cyber threats, and how does a firm know what to look for? One of the most relevant cyber threats to firms today is the socially engineered threat.

Steps to a Successful Data Migration

Data migration is a key component of most technology projects, whether the project includes selecting a new trading, accounting, or CRM system or moving to the cloud. Migrating a large amount of data can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be if you are armed with the right resources.

A Hedge Fund’s Guide to the Private Cloud

Understanding the key distinctions between the various cloud models available to your hedge fund can be challenging. Here at RFA, we’ve broken down five important facts to help you better understand the differences between public and private clouds and make the best decision for your hedge fund. Read on to learn more.