Best of the Web: Trending Technology News

Best of the Web: Trending Technology News

Best of the Web: Trending Technology Newsbest of the web

Behind on your technology news? Today on the blog, we’ve pulled together seven recent and informative articles that we think will bring you back up to speed.

Mac Malware Hit an All-Time High in 2015

Mac has always had a reputation for being less to susceptible to malware attacks than Windows, but this year that number has begun to increase.

Safe Harbor Ruling: A Fierce Storm with no Lighthouse in Sight

How will European regulators balance citizen rights with their desire to boost the competiveness of the tech industry? Get one take here.

TalkTalk Customers Could Take Legal Action Following Cyber Attack

In case you need another reason to take data protection seriously, TalkTalk could now face significant legal claims by customers whose personal data was breached in the recent website attack. Why? As far back as 2008, TalkTalk was found to have poor compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Will the Safe Harbor Ruling Push Businesses to the Cloud?

The new ruling may encourage companies to migrate their customer data from on-premise data centers to the cloud since technology companies are no longer able to store customer data overseas.

Information Security Professionals Should Start Preparing for the Future, Say Experts

The future is now. Information security professionals should begin increasing their technical and communication skills and work to collaborate with all areas of the business. The silo approach is no longer going to work when it comes to information security- technology leaders need to communicate the importance of information security to all members of the organization,

What’s the Value of Your Data?

For the first time, a price tag is being placed on the amount of money victims should receive when their personal and private data is illegally released.

CIOs Face the Growing Risk of Digital Data Loss

A new report has uncovered that IT leaders focus on the wrong issues when it comes to data protection.