Five Signs You Might Need a New IT Support Partner

Five Signs You Might Need a New IT Support Partner

Wondering if it’s time to look for a new IT support partner? This week on the blog, RFA UK Managing Director George Ralph shares the five signs that it’s time to get a new IT support partner for your business.

Your CEO has just placed a help desk call to be told, “I’m afraid we don’t support your trading system, you’ll have to call your vendor”, in a tired, listless way. 

An IT support partner worth its salt will make a point of employing service-driven individuals who will go out of their way to deliver excellent service levels to their customers. Really good partners new IT support partnerwill make sure that the same engineer who takes the call, sees it through to resolution. Even if that means drawing in expertise from the wider team.

Your firm has upgraded to Windows 10 but your IT support partner hasn’t.

An essential requirement for an IT Support Partner is that they hold the most current and relevant accreditations for your firm. If they have in depth sector specific knowledge, they will be fully aware of the accreditations that will allow them to deliver first rate support services.

It’s the weekend and your network is down, but 3 hours later your IT support partner still hasn’t responded.

Always check the Terms and Conditions to make sure that you are getting a service that works for you. Make sure you are able to set SLAs that meet your working hours.

You have spent hours on the phone to your IT support partner, trying to resolve a server issue, but it becomes clear that remote support isn’t working. If only there was a local engineer who could come to your office immediately to sort things out. But your IT support partner is based in Leeds, not Mayfair.

There are times when only an onsite engineer will do. Always choose a local IT support partner who can be with you quickly.

Your network actually has to go down, leaving your entire workforce without access to critical files and applications, before your IT support partner knows about it and can start working to resolve it.

Find out what technology your IT support partner uses before signing a contract. A reliable partner will make a significant investment in technology to monitor your infrastructure, quickly identifying issues and often resolving them before they come to your attention.

Above all, a good IT support partner is one which understands your firm’s needs as well as you understand them, and works incredibly hard to ensure that technology meets those needs.