IT Job Titles Explained: Part Two

IT Job Titles Explained: Part Two

top it job titles part twoLast week, RFA UK Managing Director George Ralph explained his take on the top IT job titles. This week, he’s back for part two. Read on to learn more!

Data Scientist

More and more organisations are hiring Data Scientists to understand the reams of data that is being produced by enterprise applications and the IoT. Companies are snapping up experts in business intelligence and analytics.

Chief Data Officer

The Chief Data Officer will lead the Data Scientists in their quest to better understand the big data that is out there. These tech-savvy C-Level individuals can manage a team, interpret data and forecast, for greater business gain.

Technology Broker

With the increasing purchasing power and technology literacy of everyone from the marketing director to the head of HR – technology purchasing decisions are being made all through the business. The Technology Broker offers advice on purchasing and negotiation, insight into systems’ interoperability and a holistic view of the firm’s long term strategy to help guide purchasers in the right direction.

Chief Risk Officer

This C-level member of the team enables the efficient and effective governance of significant competitive, technological and competitive risks, and related opportunities, to the business.

Emerging Technologist

This individual is always researching and striving to find new technology solutions to address specific business issues, such as process optimisation, analytics and new innovations in assessment and measurement procedures. The Emerging Technologist is ahead of the curve and understands the latest and greatest developments in technology and how it could benefit the enterprise.

So, when you are planning your IT Department of the future, bear these in mind. They might be the future of the business.