In Case You Missed It: RFA Updates

In Case You Missed It: RFA Updates

Dispelling the Myths of Cybersecurity and More

Are you behind on your RFA news? Today on the blog, we recap the latest happenings at RFA to keep you up to date.

Data Management

rfa updatesBack in May, RFA CTO Grigoriy Milis and CIO Michael Asher spoke with HFMWeek about what hedge fund managers need to know regarding data management and data auditing. Intrigued? Read the full article to learn more about data governance pitfalls and how to avoid them, how data classification can help with audits, and how to stay sufficiently educated on cybersecurity procedures and risks.

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Dispelling the Myths of Cybersecurity

Are you still concerned about cloud security? No need to fear. In May, RFA CTO Grigoriy Milis spoke with HFMWeek to clear up some common misconceptions around cloud technology and why most cyber risks can be efficiently mitigated. If want to learn more about how you can keep pace with ever evolving cyber-attack strategies and how to minimize human errors that can leave your hedge fund open to threats, be sure to read Grigoriy’s full interview.

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Addressing the Implications of MiFID II

In April, RFA UK Managing Director George Ralph wrote an article for Bob’s Guide about an important topic impacting financial services firms trading in Europe: MiFID II. If you’re still confused about how this regulation will impact you when the deadline for compliance goes into full effect in January 2017, be sure to read George’s comprehensive plan.

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If you’re located in London, keep an eye out for the next RFA UK lunch series on regulatory challenges, which will be hosted at Claridge’s in Mayfair.

If you couldn’t make our first lunch series, be sure to read this blog post by George to get an update on the best solutions to assist your firm in complying with the MiFID II regulation.