Hedge Fund Technology Resource Roundup

Hedge Fund Technology Resource Roundup

Do you know what the most important topics within hedge fund technology are? Here at RFA, we’ve rounded up a list of resources to help you plan your hedge fund’s IT strategy. Read on to learn more.

Cloud Mobility: Cloud mobility can be a great way to increase productivity for your hedge fund’s employees, but maintaining an appropriate level of security for your firm is essential. We break down the difference between consumer grade file sync service and enterprise grade services, and outline best practices for maintaining secure mobile policies. technology resource

Cloud Computing: When it comes to cloud, there are several misconceptions around what the cloud can mean for your hedge fund. Check out our list of questions to ask your provider when moving to cloud, so you can ensure that your fund’s cloud environment will be adequately protected and operate at peak efficiency.

Data Protection: Protecting valuable data starts with the human factor. While it is impossible to completely mitigate the risk of human error, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your personal information stays protected. We’ve outlined four steps for keeping your hedge fund’s data secure.

Cybersecurity: We’ve created a simple guide with key best practices and accompanying action items, so you know exactly what steps to take when designing your cybersecurity policies.