Three Ways to Maximize Your Hedge Fund’s Mobile Productivity

Three Ways to Maximize Your Hedge Fund’s Mobile Productivity

Three Ways to Maximize Your Hedge Fund’s Mobile Productivity

Virtually every employee today has a smartphone. Many also have tablets, such as iPads and Android devices. Many hedge funds are underutilizing these devices, both because they belong to the employee in most cases, and due to long standing concerns about mobile security. When adopting a BYOD policy, the key is to empower the mobile experience of your employees, without compromising security and control of your corporate data. Business-class file sync services can give you the best of both worlds: you can allow your corporate data to be synced to employee mobile devices, without giving up control of your corporate data. Read on for the three essential steps to securely embracing mobilitymobile productivity

1. Sync to smartphones and file servers

Business-class cloud file sync services allow employees at your hedge fund to sync their critical work files between their desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the cloud. Mobile devices are the lifeline for remote employees, but it is easy to feel cut off from the company headquarters if all the content, files, and data you need is located only on the corporate file server.  Business-grade sync services allow you to cloud connect your file server and in turn sync the content to mobile users and other remote computers in a secure fashion by still enabling data oversight for administrators.

2. Don’t lose control

Leveraging employee mobile devices is not without risks. Data privacy and security has always been a balancing act. With BYOD resources, it is no different. But with business-grade sync services, you can connect employees with your corporate data without losing control of that information. Business-class services allow you to implement fine-grained controls on employee sync and share behavior; for example, by enabling employees to sync to their iPhone and iPad, but not a remote Windows or Mac device. You may also evolve your security policy over time, either loosening or strengthening your policies depending on the circumstance and needs of your hedge fund.

3. Be ready when disaster strikes

No matter which security policies you implement, you need to be ready for when disasters strike. Everyday disasters are all too common, such as lost or stolen smartphones. With business-grade file sync, you can remotely wipe corporate data off of a lost device. In more serious situations, such as an employee termination, you are also ready. Remote wipe actions can be taken on a whole user account and across devices that were previously synced, eliminating corporate data from smartphones, tablets, and remote computers.

Balancing security and convenience is a necessary choice for today’s hedge funds. Fortunately, business-class file sync helps hedge funds embrace mobility, while safeguarding corporate data.