Introducing RFA Data Governance

Introducing RFA Data Governance

RFA Data Governance is a Comprehensive Data Governance Solution as a Service for the Alternative Asset Sector

RFA is proud to announce the launch of RFA Data Governance, a solution as a service for the alternative asset sector. RFA Data Governance is the second security service released by RFA in 2015, and builds upon our earlier release of the RFA Virtual CISO Service in February 2015. The release of this new service comes at an essential time for the hedge fund industry, as guidelines on data RFA Data Governanceusage and control access are being places on firms to keep data consistently protected and monitored.

RFA Data Governance reports on permission structures and monitors and logs data access, in addition to generating real time alerts based on the criteria set by the client. The service extends the full functionality historically only available through enterprise level data governance services to the alternative asset sector at a much lower price point.

For more information, be sure to read the full releaseĀ here and check out our additional resources on data governance and auditing for hedge funds and investment management companies.