AIMA Establishes Cybersecurity Working Group

AIMA Establishes Cybersecurity Working Group

By Chris Matthews

Trade body Aima has formed its first dedicated working group on cybersecurity, HFMWeek has learned.

The group will aim to create a guidance document on cybersecurity for members later in the year.

A spokesman said: “Aima has established a working group of member firms, which expects to produce a guidance paper for managers on cybersecurity later in the year.”

The group will comprise of technology and security professionals from hedge fund firms and service providers.

Aima updated its due diligence questionnaire in September, which included some reference to cybersecurity.

George Ralph, managing director, at technology advisory and security firm RFA said: “I think the fact that an association like Aima is doing this is fantastic. If Aima can differentiate specific risks for the sector, then it is obviously a great thing to be doing.”

Published in HFM Week, February 27, 2015