UK Launch Day Finally Arrived…

UK Launch Day Finally Arrived…

George Ralph, Managing Director, RFA UK

launch 1

So, after months of planning, the day of the UK launch event finally came. In its inimitable way, Claridges was ready. My presentation was ready. But were the hedge funds and investment firms of London ready to hear what I had to say?

As the MD of RFA in the UK, I am always at pains to point out that we are not just another IT company. We don’t want to work with people who don’t want to work with us. Our absolute raison d’être is to allow businesses to want to work with us. We don’t impose onerous contracts on our customers. We don’t say one thing and do another. We actually do what we say we will do. And then some. As you can tell, I’m passionate about it, but I was a little worried that my passion would not come across at the launch.

launch 3

At 6pm last night our guests started to arrive and by 7pm the room was packed. Over 75 people turned up to hear what we had to say (and to have a drink or two). I needn’t have worried about the message getting across. Speaking to people before and after the presentation, I was heartened to see that so many understood where I was coming from and seemed as positive about our “excellent service” ethos, as I am.

After sampling some of the most incredible canapés I have ever eaten (smoked duck, fois gras and roast scallop anyone?) and drunk some very good wine, myself and the management team from the US were all feeling somewhat benevolent. Three iPad mini’s were swiftly given away to guests who had been kind enough to give us their business cards. Happy customers indeed.

launch 2I’m pleased to say that the evening went off as well as we could have hoped it would and now back to work, as we are going to start delivering that excellent service I was talking about…!