Egnyte Case Study

Egnyte Case Study

RFA Adds File Services While Addressing Strict Financial Compliance Standards

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Richard Fleischman & Associates (RFA) is a leading comprehensive managed service provider (MSP) for the financial services industry. For more than two decades, they’ve been offering a full range of technology solutions that serve the needs of hedge fund, private equity, wealth management and investment firms.

RFA needed a strong file services solution to enable its clients to access their highly sensitive data, while still adhering to strict compliance regulations. RFA chose to add Egnyte to its portfolio of services over other vendor solutions because Egnyte offers an enterprise-class platform that fully meets the diverse needs of its clients. There were several drivers behind the partnership but the main decision criteria included selecting a solution that offered secure access from mobile devices, highly flexible deployment options, and a rich file management and collaboration feature set.

Balancing Stringent Industry Requirements with a Shifting Technology Landscape

RFA watched the landscape evolve to become increasingly reliant on Web-connected applications and services. The company developed its RFA Cloud Platform – a secure, feature-enhanced IaaS offering designed around the needs of their clients. When building out the RFA Cloud Platform, it was crucial that they delivered a reliable, secure offering that their clients could depend on to host their most sensitive data. This data includes intellectual property (IP), financial records and information surrounding each firm’s client base that required the highest degree of confidentiality.

Egnyte Storage Connect and Leveraging Data in the RFA Cloud

Some of their clients’ data simply cannot go to the cloud. To address this issue and drive even greater value, RFA implemented Egnyte Storage Connect. This solution adheres to compliance standards by enabling access from any location and from any device to data stored in RFA’s data centers, whereby data and metadata never touch the

cloud. Deployed for select clients based on their unique needs, RFA customers get enhanced access and sharing capabilities that aren’t available without Storage Connect. In addition to the vast customer benefits, RFA benefits because they can continue to leverage and optimize their existing infrastructure investment through the use of Egnyte’s industry-leading solution.

ROI for RFA and its Customers

The impact of Storage Connect was immediate. Users no longer rely on third-party file-sharing services or resort to emailing files back and forth, which can lead to compliance complications, as well as security concerns about data being stored locally on devices that can get lost, stolen, or compromised.

One of RFA’s customers, a hedge fund manager, who purchased Storage Connect for his firm gave an example of how the service had proven its usefulness shortly after implementation. He had many file access and sharing needs that included back-to-back speaking engagements at conferences, which meant he would be out of the office for extended periods of time. Previously, he had to rely on assistance from colleagues in the office who would email him edits to his slide decks and notes, causing confusion surrounding version control and accuracy.

Equipped only with his tablet, smartphone, and Storage Connect-powered access to his files, the fund manager was able to access his most up-to-date files in real time, without any delay or risks around email sharing. He felt the solution diminished stress, improved collaboration and resulted in more seamless management of time-sensitive files, even despite his aggressive travel schedule.

Combined Strengths Provide Joint Customers Enterprise-Class Value

Egnyte provides enterprise-class technology that meets the needs of RFA and its clients, while balancing data security, mobility and industry compliance. By providing user-friendly access to corporate data that resides within RFA’s data center, Storage Connect speeds up business processes and increases the value of a client’s investment in the RFA’s Cloud Platform by extending access to behind the RFA firewall without the complications affiliated with the cloud.