PLUMgrid Launches Virtual Network Infrastructure

PLUMgrid Launches Virtual Network Infrastructure

Sunnyvale, Calif. – June 25, 2013 – PLUMgrid today announced the general availability of the PLUMgrid Platform, the disruptive Virtual Network Infrastructure (VNI) solution that delivers on-demand, automated and self-service data centers, resulting in new levels of IT efficiencies and productivity, and significant OPEX (operational expense) savings.

Designed for enterprises and cloud service providers building private and public cloud data centers, the PLUMgrid Platform enables customers to create, copy and deploy secure multi-tenant virtual networks in seconds.

“The PLUMgrid Platform has been deployed and tested at the AT&T Foundry in Palo Alto after being one of the top presentations at a Fast Pitch earlier this year,” said Abhi Ingle, Vice President, Ecosystem and Innovation, AT&T. “The technology has important implications for cloud operators as they seek to deliver cost-optimized and differentiated services.”

The software-only VNI solution is based on PLUMgrid’s IO Visor™ technology, a virtualized IO that enables the creation of on-demand programmable networks, called Virtual Domains. This new and unique capability allows businesses to completely replicate the physical network infrastructure in a virtual environment, without requiring new hardware investment or changes to existing hardware infrastructure.

“The PLUMgrid Platform was two years in the making, and our goal was to make networks as simple as a click,” said Awais Nemat, Co-founder and CEO, PLUMgrid. “We listened very closely to our customers, and today we’re bringing to market a comprehensive, extensible and open platform that enables them to quickly respond to business needs, and offer customized services that drive new revenue opportunities.”

With its open and API-based architecture, the PLUMgrid Platform allows customers to quickly and confidently integrate industry-leading services from the PLUMgrid Technology Alliance Program. The VNI ecosystem includes industry-leading providers of Layer 4-7 services, physical infrastructures and cloud orchestration systems. PLUMgrid’s initial 13 partners are: A10 Networks, Arista Networks, Broadcom, Cavium, Check Point Software Technologies, Citrix, Cumulus Networks, F5 Networks, Ixia, Mellanox Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, Silver Peak and Zerto.

“PLUMgrid has just enabled an IT revolution in cloud infrastructure deployment,” said Nick Lippis, Publisher, The Lippis Report. “While others talk about SDN controllers to automate virtualized networks, PLUMgrid upped the bar by creating a truly on-demand Virtual Network Infrastructure. On-demand IT service delivery has been thwarted by physical network and

security appliance manual configuration. PLUMgrid’s IO Visor creates virtual network entities at the click of a mouse, enabling business unit managers and cloud providers to deliver IT services at nearly the speed of thought and a small fraction of physical networking.”

PLUMgrid Platform Highlights

The PLUMgrid Platform integrates security, operations and maintenance tools, and network visibility and analytics.

It runs on existing standard-based x86 servers to deliver dynamic and scalable virtual data center networks. Network services can be added or removed in seconds, without network disruption or downtime.

The six key components of the PLUMgrid Platform are:

PLUMgrid IO Visor – Enables the creation of programmable networks. It includes edges and gateways, and is deployed on the servers at the edge of the data center
PLUMgrid Director – The brain that coordinates and manages all platform components and functions
PLUMgrid Virtual Domain – A logical and secure container that defines a network environment
PLUMgrid Network Functions – A library of network services to configure the desired topologies in Virtual Domains, for example, router, switch, DHCP and NAT
PLUMgrid Console – A graphical user interface to manage, provision, monitor and troubleshoot Virtual Domains
PLUMgrid SDK – Language-based SDK to enable third-party developers and community to build distributed functions on top of IO Visor technology
The PLUMgrid Platform also includes easy-to-use and comprehensive RESTful APIs to integrate with custom or commercial cloud management systems, such as Openstack™ Quantum and vCenter.

PLUMgrid Platform Use Cases

The following use cases demonstrate the benefits of the PLUMgrid Platform:

Private and Public Clouds – Enable cloud engineering teams to create rich, multi-tenant, self-service virtual domains. Easily onboard enterprise customers and offer them differentiated services. Drive cloud efficiency and reduce on-premise data center operational expense by offering on-demand Virtual Domains. Maximize infrastructure investment while enabling isolation of workloads

Development, Test and QA Environment – Easily create Virtual Domains to replicate physical data center networks for development, test and QA. Provide personalized Virtual Domains to

developers without involvement of IT. Increase productivity with self-service provisioning and zero-touch configuration

Disaster Recovery Solution – Build a simple and no-downtime disaster recovery solution. Move Virtual Domains and services with a click. Eliminate the need to create identical primary and disaster recovery networks, and dramatically reduce time and costs by enabling seamless, virtual workload migration

Pricing and availability

The PLUMgrid Platform is immediately available in two editions, Lite and Pro, starting at $1,650/month.

Both editions are available on a subscription-based pricing with an annual contract. Additional capacity and add-on features can be purchased as needed.

For more information, contact or call 1.408.800.7586.

Supporting Quotes


“Cavium is a leading provider of multicore processors for intelligent networking and wireless communications. We provide our customers with software and solutions that require us to replicate hundreds of different network topologies in our software lab. With the PLUMgrid Platform, we can create network environments to test our solutions under various scenarios in a quick and cost effective way.” – Imran Badr, Vice President, Software Engineering, Cavium


“PLUMgrid’s platform provides the architectural foundation that fills the key gap in creating a true cloud data center. They are correctly rethinking networking and its application in the era of virtualization.” – Jeremy Stinson, Vice President, Networking Operations, MeetMe

Oppenheimer & Co.

“Oppenheimer is optimizing its enterprise data center infrastructure to substantially minimize IT operational and capital expenses by virtualizing and automating the provisioning of the infrastructure. PLUMgrid understands the challenges of today’s IT organization, and delivers on-demand services, agility and centralized administration to help us achieve our IT vision.”– Henry Jiang, Executive Director, Network and Global Technology, Oppenheimer & Co.


“At RFA, our clients depend on us to provide secure and reliable cloud technology solutions. With the PLUMgrid platform, RFA can create virtual multi-tenant networks and provide our clients with the ability to customize their hosted solutions quickly and easily, whenever changes

are needed.” – Grigoriy Milis, Chief Technology Officer, Richard Fleischman and Associates

About PLUMgrid

PLUMgrid makes networks as simple as a click. PLUMgrid is reinventing networking with virtual network infrastructure, a software-based, virtual parallel to the traditional physical network infrastructure. The PLUMgrid Platform, featuring the unique IO Visor™, brings automation to the data center, resulting in dramatic reductions in operating expense and the unlocking of significant new business value. Founded in 2011, PLUMgrid is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and funded by U.S. Venture Partners and Hummer Winblad. For more information on PLUMgrid and the PLUMgrid Platform, visit, and follow us on Twitter @PLUMgrid.

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