• Jan
    Knowing Your Policies

    GEORGE RALPH OF RFA SPEAKS TO HFMWEEK ABOUT SECURITY AND RISK MANAGEMENT BEST PRACTICE In recent years and with the growth of ‘cyber-security’, business awareness of information assurance has grown leaps and bounds, which is great news for those diligent leaders thinking about keeping their staff informed and actioning documented processes. Here, at RFA, we…

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  • Dec
    HFM Best Practices

    RFA speaks to HFM Week about security and risk management best practices. HFM Week Best Practices Article

  • Nov
    Three Ways to Improve Mobile Productivity

    Virtually every employee today has a smartphone. Many also have tablets, such as iPads and Android devices. Many organizations are under-utilizing these devices, both because they belong to the employee in most cases, and due to long standing concerns about mobile security. When adopting a BYOD policy, the key is to empower the mobile experience of…

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  • Nov
    Hedge Fund Information Security Planning

    In order to ensure that your hedge fund maintains a strong cybersecurity posture, it is essential that you enact the appropriate information security policies. But which policies should your firm be considering? In today’s post, we outline five important policies that should be part of your hedge fund’s information security plan. Acceptable Use Policy An…

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