• Hurricane Joaquin

    The National Weather Service is predicting that Hurricane Joaquin might impact the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas at the beginning of next week. RFA is closely monitoring the development of the storm. Our BCP team will be standing by to assist all clients in the event of any business disruptions. RFA has resources allocated to support clients in the event of any unforeseen complications, such as floods or power loss, prompted by natural disasters.

    RFA Managed services, including managed private cloud platforms, co-location services and BCP platform with managed offices are hosted in RFA’s secure data center facilities. The functionality and performance of our emergency systems and critical infrastructure operations is continuously monitored. The facilities are equipped with auxiliary power generators for redundant electricity and are prepared for any weather-related emergencies.

    We recommend that all clients review their Business Continuity Plan and ensure that all employees are aware of emergency escalation procedures.

    RFA will continue to provide updates as we receive additional information on where and when the storm will make landfall. The updates will also include information from utility providers, as well as the location of hotspots where businesses are experiencing disruptions.

    For any assistance, please contact RFA’s 24/7 Service Desk at 212.867.4600 or via email at help@rfa.com.

  • Hedge Fund Standards Board- Cyber Memo

    September 20, 2015

    Cyber Security Memo

    The Hedge Fund Standards Board has released a cyber security memo covering a variety of important topics. Cyber security has become an increasingly prominent focus of the industry. Regulators also are taking a strong interest in understanding and assessing regulated firms’ resilience to cyber attacks. The memo covers the following topics:

    Overview of existing high-level cyber risk management tools
    Framework to identify a firm’s key digital assets (“crown jewels”)
    List of practical “quick win cyber security action items”
    Overview of “cyber security projects” to enhance a firm’s resilience
    Development of an “Incident Response Plan”
    Overview of regulatory requirements, guidance and approaches to cyber security

    Download the full memo.


  • SEC OCIE Release

    September 15, 2015

    The SEC Office of Compliance and Inspections (OCIE) has released a new cybersecurity alert to provide more insight into specific areas of focus that Registered Investment Advisors should concentrate on as they will be highlighted in the next round of cybersecurity compliance examinations. The key areas of interest are:

    Data Governance
    Access Controls
    Data Loss Prevention
    Vendor Management
    Incident Response

    Clients that have engaged RFA to perform a Cybersecurity Assessment have already been consulted on all of the above mentioned items. For further information on how the alert relates directly to your firm, please contact your RFA Account Manager or call the RFA managers hotline at 212-220-9020.

    Read the full alert.